Facial Surgery


I had considerable training at the University of Miami with both Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive surgery. After completing my training, I was fortunate enough to spend 6 years in the Air Force where I was encouraged to hone my Plastic Surgery skills. As a Head and Neck Surgeon, my primary duties in wartime would be reconstructive efforts for facial trauma. This allowed me to often do 2 or 3 cosmetic surgeries a week much to the pleasure of both active duty and dependents since the surgeries were provided free of charge.

The following patient had a mid-forehead brow lift to raise the eyebrows. The mid forehead incision made sense since he did not have enough hair to hide the scar above and preferred to shave his head. The extra furrows in the forehead were simply removed. A blepharoplasty was done to remove excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids.

Before and After Brow & Eyelid Surgery.

While in the Air Force, I was also tasked to take care of some eye problems that are not traditionally in the Otolaryngology realm but do cross over with some things that many Otolaryngologists are quite comfortable performing. The following was a patient with entropion, a condition that causes the eyelid to invert leading to painful irritation to the eye. The condition can be easily appreciated on this preoperative video:

Postoperatively, no scars are visible and the eyelid is functioning normally. See the postoperative video below:
The eyelid has been repaired without visible scars and works normally again eliminating all pain and irritation.

Posters below are static views of the same patient. Preoperative images:

and Postoperative images: